Episode 25 - Sexuality as an Integrated Part of Love

(www.welcomed.com) Deborah talks of finding love with a partner who has sensual training. She expresses that DOing has added to her sex life. It makes sexuality an integrated part of love and their relationship. She has this wonderful sensual energy and connection with her partner throughout the day with DOing.


DeborahandNoorTonyPodcast25_blog.jpgHere are some excerpts...

Deborah: One of the first concepts that stood out for me is about seduction because it has to do with me allowing the man to put all of his attention on me. It’s actually something that is a very new concept. But as soon as it started happening, I felt with my partner, because he has had a lot of training in this work, I felt like it was this thing that I’ve always wanted. It felt so right and yet very different from how I’ve been living my life and how I’ve been looking for a partner. So that whole way of putting the attention on the woman in order for both people to find happiness or to find pleasure is extraordinary and I think revolutionary.

Deborah: So what I mean when I say that my partner has training is that he’s gone through years of courses with The Welcomed Consensus and also living in the community. So that means that he is trained to give Deliberate Orgasm and also trained in a high level of interpersonal communication skills. He has a vision for how he wants to live his life that’s very specific and chosen and that is very rare for anybody.  Specifically, I think for me, and if more men would do it, they’d find more women that really wanted to be with them. So I feel really lucky that I found one.

The entire transcript for this episode is available at the Welcomed Consensus website www.welcomed.com/podcasts/

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