Episode 26 - The Making of a Female Masturbation Video: Connections

(www.welcomed.com) Sensual researcher, Elle, gives us a candid account of exactly what inspired her to make an advanced female masturbation video. She describes how she masturbates, the specifics of doing an exercise called connections to create a full body orgasm and how it adds to her sex life with her partner.


Connections_Elle_sensual_art_painting.jpg “I love connections because it makes other sex acts even more sensitive and more sensual. I love it when I kiss somebody and I can feel that sensation, a direct connection to my clitoris…” ~Elle


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Episode 25 - Sexuality as an Integrated Part of Love

(www.welcomed.com) Deborah talks of finding love with a partner who has sensual training. She expresses that DOing has added to her sex life. It makes sexuality an integrated part of love and their relationship. She has this wonderful sensual energy and connection with her partner throughout the day with DOing.


DeborahandNoorTonyPodcast25_blog.jpgHere are some excerpts...

Deborah: One of the first concepts that stood out for me is about seduction because it has to do with me allowing the man to put all of his attention on me. It’s actually something that is a very new concept. But as soon as it started happening, I felt with my partner, because he has had a lot of training in this work, I felt like it was this thing that I’ve always wanted. It felt so right and yet very different from how I’ve been living my life and how I’ve been looking for a partner. So that whole way of putting the attention on the woman in order for both people to find happiness or to find pleasure is extraordinary and I think revolutionary.

Deborah: So what I mean when I say that my partner has training is that he’s gone through years of courses with The Welcomed Consensus and also living in the community. So that means that he is trained to give Deliberate Orgasm and also trained in a high level of interpersonal communication skills. He has a vision for how he wants to live his life that’s very specific and chosen and that is very rare for anybody.  Specifically, I think for me, and if more men would do it, they’d find more women that really wanted to be with them. So I feel really lucky that I found one.

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Episode 24 - Tantra Expert Experiences Orgasm as a Glimpse of Enlightenment

(www.welcomed.com) In this episode internationally recognized Tantra Expert and radio talk show host, Devi Ward, describes her recent experience of a whole body and mind expansion.This showed her ways of approaching sexuality and her body that she hadn’t conceived of before that she believes anyone can learn.

devi-ward-tantra-expert.jpgHere are some excerpts...

Devi: How I believe I can integrate the technique of Deliberate Orgasm – to answer that is more than just the physical technique. It’s the ideology. It’s encompassing our full sensory experience. 

The style of Tantra that I teach is very yogic. I was a monk – we are sitting there meditating and we are doing this thing – so there is not a lot of instruction about being super-sensual and hanging red drapes, etc. We’ve incorporated that to a degree, but I knew I wanted to learn more because it hasn’t been my focus. My focus has been on this yoga. 

So that is part of it, part of the understanding on how to more fully inhabit, embrace, experience, delight in my sensory experience.

I’ve never experienced another woman’s orgasm like that for a prolonged period of time. From my lineage of instruction, every orgasm is a glimpse of enlightenment.That’s one of the yogic things we learn in Tibetan Tantra. So I am having this experience of this woman being in the throws of enlightened consciousness and that is affecting and impacting the entire room. That is so powerful.

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Episode 23 - Pleasure as a Priority in Daily Life

(www.welcomed.com) What does it take to live with pleasure as a priority? In this episode listen to Mary, a successful business owner and mother, who decided to have it all with pleasure at the center of her life. She discovers an expanded definition of female orgasm and the role it plays in living a life that is sensually driven rather than stress driven.

Here are some excerpts...

I was ready to commit to making pleasure the center of my life.  I made a lot of changes in my life in the last 6 months.  I decided to do work that I loved so that I could live a life in harmony with my family and with my passion and with my purpose in life. That created an opening for me to go further with that intention. 

The retreat was more than information, but a window to a possibility that I never really understood was available. This course was so grounded in genuine connection between people that I didn't miss not checking my phone every 30 seconds. I didn't miss some of the usual vices that occupy my time and I was able to slow down, to be connected to the sensual experience of pleasure.

I think learning about tumescence has helped me to get clearer about how to meet the goal of creating more of the orgasmic, sensual experience in my life. Recognizing that that need has been so big. It’s been huge and now I have tools to live a life that is sensually driven versus stress driven. 

For instance, one of the goals was about enjoying home life as a mother with my kids and thinking a lot about dinner time. Back to this kitchen narrative -  I got a chance to see and experience a way of sharing a meal and the narrative of that meal coming together in a very different and fun way versus a stressful way. That’s also beautiful and very pleasurable. So that was one goal that I had that I feel especially empowered around. 

Before this weekend, my experience with orgasm had everything to do with a conclusion. Now, the way that I am thinking about orgasm is not this really big balloon pop but a building, a layering of experience that doesn't have to look a certain way, doesn't have to sound a certain way, doesn't have to produce a certain amount of material. 

I was a part of a very privileged experience first and foremost because there’s no other place where we see a woman have pleasure. It’s so pornographic often, that we just don’t know what’s going on and we make a lot of assumptions about what’s going on. I got a lot of validation.  I got that there were things about my body that I didn't want a lover to see, I didn't feel comfortable about and then to see her pleasure manifesting itself in the way it was demonstrated was tremendously validating. I saw myself in her.

Pleasure as a Priority in Daily Life - Full Transcript


Episode 22 - Fun, More Pleasure and Menopause: Expanding Sensuality

(www.welcomed.com) The conversation turns toward expanding sensuality as fun, more pleasure and menopause is explored further.  In this episode, a continuation of the last one, we present talk radio show host Rebekah Beneteau and her guest Yvonne Wray, a researcher from the Welcomed Consensus and Menopause Flashes:Turning Up The Heat blogger, both experienced in pleasurable menopause.

Some excerpts...

Yvonne: "In a hot flash one of the things that I experience is this intense rush of heat coming from my inner core of my body and in seconds I can break out into sweats and my heart is rushing and I feel like these fluttery feelings. It’s like Whoooooo!"

Yvonne:  "And that’s another way that I have it be fun for other people.  I’m not trying to pretend like I don’t have a hot flash.  I’m not trying to pretend that nothing’s happening.  Why not turn on?  That’s how I make it fun for other people, I turn on when it’s happening.  And I approve.  I’m in agreement.  Approval, other people feel it.  Other people feel me approve of the hot flash, of myself, of being a woman and you know that’s a rare thing. Somebody who approves of being in menopause, being middle-aged, having things happen that are out of control, so to speak.  It’s a really powerful way to live life."

Rebekah:  "For me it really becomes a spiritual discipline and a practice.  I feel  like when I give into my negativity and my anger it’s easy, it’s cheap excitement and  it’s lazy.  And it takes a little bit of work to get into agreement with how it is.  To find something to approve of and yes, to go for making every moment fun and pleasurable for myself and the people around me.  No matter what’s going on."

Yvonne: " Yes, It does take something from an individual to do that. You said that well. I think the payoff is huge.  It’s really huge when you do make that choice for fun and pleasure."


Episode 21 - Fun, More Pleasure and Menopause: A Paradox?

(www.welcomed.com) Fun, more pleasure and menopause? Can these experiences go together? In this episode and the next, we present talk radio show host Rebekah Beneteau and her guest Yvonne Wray, a researcher from the Welcomed Consensus. These two women have a lively conversation exploring this paradoxical theme.

Yvonne Wray

Some excerpts...

Rebekah: I love the idea that it’s not just limited to the bedroom, how you said, it filters out through your whole life. So what was the connection? How did you go from the sensual research then incorporate menopause into that?

Rebekah Beneteau Talk Radio HostYvonne: I began to notice the signs of menopause in my body, which I didn't actually recognize at first as being menopause. But as I started noticing these changes that I thought were kind of weird, I was able to notice them pretty quickly because I was used to paying attention to my body. I was used to paying attention to my monthly cycles. I was used to noticing the changes in my sexuality and my response and my desires, all of those things.

Rebekah: What were some of the things going in that you suddenly found yourself forced to examine all over or anew?

Yvonne: Just that I was really uninformed about menopause. I really thought some of the things I’m sure commonly all women think. For example, you do lose your sex hormones, you lose your desire.  That you're aging and therefore, you're going to be less valuable, less sexual, less -- you are just going to be less. Then all the terrible stories that you hear about how hard it is for women to go through menopause.  I could not put pleasure and menopause in the same sentence except to say that menopause is not pleasurable. I had a big clash of beliefs that erupted into my life when I realized -- Hey Yvonne, you're going into menopause here.

Fun, More Pleasure and Menopause: A Paradox? - Full Transcript


Episode 20 - Monika Thomas Sexploration You can have a THREE HOUR orgasm?

(www.welcomed.com) Monika, from Sexploration with Monika, asks What's "the point" of having sex? Is the reason we have sex to achieve the climax of orgasm or is it to have the whole experience of pleasure and connection that you and your partner share?

Monika Thomas Sexplorations InterviewIn this interview from Monika's sex-positive show, Sheri a Welcomed Consensus instructor tells us that if you can relax into the sensations without getting fixated on a goal, you can feel even more pleasure. In fact, every day for the last 25 years this educator and mother has made time with her partner for a practice that is all about pleasure. It's called "Deliberate Orgasm" or "DOing," and it's a practice that focuses attention of the sensations of the clitoris.

Sheri says that you can start with even 3 minutes of this practice and start building more pleasure, actually changing your nervous system and allowing you to feel more pleasure, expanding your ability to feel the enegy in your own body. Both men and women can experience Deliberate Orgasm as givers or receivers, and Sheri said that the possibilities are unlimited, even a THREE HOUR ORGASM!

We also talk about how the practice of DOing cultivates a deep sense of gratification that overflows into every part of her life, work, family, and all her relationships.

Imagine how much easier it is to be nice to everyone after you've had a 3-hour orgasm!!!

Sexploration with Monika Interviews Sheri of the Welcomed Consensus - Full Transcript


Episode 19 - Sex and Happiness Interview by Laurie Handlers

(www.welcomed.com) Laurie Handlers, well known author and Tantra teacher, interviews Welcomed Consensus researchers Sheri and Rebecca on her talk radio show Sex and Happiness. They discuss and share in great detail about how they conceived of capturing an up-close and personal look into Rebecca's private masturbation practice based on Deliberate Orgasm and why such a practice is necessary for today's women.

Sex and Happiness Interview by Laurie HandlersLaurie Handlers: Today my show is about really my favorite topic - orgasm. Orgasm is really the thing that I feel runs the world. I don't know if all of you agree with me on that...

Rebecca: It was about a year that I was thinking about making a female masturbation DVD, considering what I wanted to express. It is my personal journey of sensuality. I do expose myself and it is very personal, but I felt it was the only way that people would feel it. Only if I really was having the experience of DOing myself, using Deliberate Orgasm to produce this kind of orgasm in my body. I really had a great orgasm that day. Boy it was a fun time...A person who watches it can feel what I am feeling.

Laurie Handlers: The Dalai Lama said something about women bringing the world into peace and harmony, doesn't this self pleasuring relate to happy and fulfilled women? Like women who are happy with their bodies and happy in their orgasm, this would make a huge difference.

Rebecca: Absolutely, it is not only about self pleasure, but with Deliberate Orgasm I have a deep connection with my partner.It is gratifying deeply in your soul, they know you, they're producing that kind of pleasure for you, it is a profound experience. It is not out of happenstance. That is what is so fun. It is available any time to anyone who wants to know these techniques and ideas that produce that kind of orgasm in your life.

Sex and Happiness Interview by Laurie Handlers - Full Transcript


Episode 18 - Celebrate May, National Masturbation Month

(www.welcomed.com) May is National Masturbation Month and this episode features Rebecca, a sensual reseracher who recently made a candid and unique female masturbation video entitled A Guide to Your Orgasm. Listen as she takes us through how deliberately exploring self-pleasure affected many areas of her life.

National Masturbation Month

Here are some excerpts...

Rebecca: All of the things that I do to be deliberate about being a sensual person and taking care of my body are the same things that I do in other areas of my life to have my life be good and to have it feel good to other people. When I feel good, other people feel good about me. When I’m turned on by myself, other people are turned on by me and that’s fun.

Sometimes I like very light touches, that’s just the way I feel and sometimes I want heavier touches and it’s fun to feel the way it changes it’s not always the same. It’s fun because there are so many things to experience and there are so many things to feel from a different place each day or each moment in time. When I’m touching myself it’s sensual research, it’s finding out what I like right now, something that I want to feel now. So it is always different.

Celebrate May, National Masturbation Month with Rebecca - Full Transcript.


Episode 17 - Making A Guide to Your Orgasm DVD, Interview by Veronica Monet of The Shame Free Zone

(www.welcomed.com) Veronica Monet, ACS Certified Sexologist and Sex Educator, interviews sensual researchers Sheri and Rebecca from Welcomed.com on her Live Talk Radio Show The Shame Free Zone discovering what went on in the making of the explicit DVD A Guide to Your Orgasm.

Veronica Monet Host of The Shame Free Zone Talk Radio Show

Here are some excerpts...

Veronica: Why is orgasm even important to study?

Sheri: People don't tell the truth about how much they are interested in orgasm. People do make jokes about it. They are still thinking about it. We are all sensual-sexual beings and orgasm is part of our nature. And if you asked anyone - 'If you could have a better orgasm, or a gratifying orgasm and that was available to you would you like that?' I think everybody would say Yes, they would. And it is available for anyone and everyone. It is really just about having training, having information, being educated. Because as you well know Veronica, we are lacking in sexual education in this country, in many other countries and world wide.

Veronica: What's it like to appear in the explicit video A Guide to Your Orgasm, is there any part of it that is just fun to be in front of the camera?

Rebecca: Yes. I thought about it for a long time before I ever got to the camera. The person I'm thinking of reaching is that person out there who could have their life get better the way that mine did. There was a woman that I thought about when I was making the video, and I thought of the things that she could learn to expand her life and her orgasm and make it that much better. This video was so much fun to make. I thought about all the things that made my life better out of Deliberate Orgasm and masturbating with the technique. When I got on that camera I had so much energy in my body, it was intense from the very beginning. It was a great orgasm.

The making of A Guide to Your Orgasm DVD, an Interview with Veronica Monet host of The Shame Free Zone - Full Transcript.


Episode 16 - Intimacy in Marriage: How One Couple Stays Connected

(www.welcomed.com) Couples in long term relationships often bump up against life's obstacles that can break down feelings of intimacy and pleasure between partners. Talking openly about their experiences of feeling close and fighting, learning about orgasm from each other, handling menopause and rediscovering fun in their sex life, Michelle and David tell what they notice about staying connected in their marriage.

Here are some excerpts...

David: Being in a place with both the approval and physiologically the endorphin release, makes the world a brighter place.You know you don’t need rose colored glasses if you have rose colored orgasm ... For me the great thing about DOing is the fact that whether I'm DOing Michelle or I am being DOne, the goal is to have us both have our attention on the one person's pleasure, the person that is being DOne’s pleasure. It’s the most intimate of all sex acts or relationship acts. When we are both on the same wave-length, as it were, it feels really good mentally and physically.

Michelle: Orgasm effects my life outside the bedroom in a very positive way. Having been DOne, having orgasm has me feel connected, solid, clear-headed, in a place of surplus where I can give to others. It affects my work, the people that I come into contact with, how I can best assist them in a grateful and graceful way, to helping our son, and having fun. It opens up a whole new realm of possibility when you come from a place of being gratified.

One of the things that I wanted out of this weekend was to be closer and to have better communication with David and that has been attained partly, well mostly in our DOing. I feel really connected to him and it’s a great way to start or end the day or just to connect with one another.

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here Intimacy in Marriage: How One Couple Stays Connected - Full Transcript.


Episode 15 - Satisfy A Woman: Myths and Truth About Sex

Myths and Truth About Sex"It's a life changing experience to know how to please a woman." In this episode, you will hear from Charles in an interview that took place after he attended a 3-day Sensuality Retreat with The Welcomed Consensus. www.welcomed.com

Dissatisfied with his ability to satisfy a woman, Charles describes his search to find out more information and a better way to pleasure his partner. By experiencing the course and witnessing the live demonstration of the one-hour orgasm, he is given a more expansive view of what a woman’s orgasm can be and new ways of experiencing sensuality. His new awareness about satisfying a woman is described as the lights coming on. The transformation of Charles' doubt and mystery to feelings of fun and expansiveness is a highly educational and relatable story.

Here are some excerpts...

Charles: "I think that I have probably already said it, I'll say it again. It's a life changing experience to know how to please a woman."

"I'd always wanted to know more about sex, but my quest really began when I met this certain woman that I thought was the cat's meow. She was, I thought, the perfect female for me. But there was one little twist, and the little twist was that I couldn't satisfy her sexually. Then the quest intensified."

"So I started going to different things. There's a lot of snake oil salesmen out there. A lot - and I bought a lot of their products, because I really wanted to know and there's no place to turn for this type of stuff... I think back to 5 or 10 years ago, I would've thought that it was the size of your genitalia that was the most important. And a lot of guys think that. I think some women even think that. So it was puzzling to me. I wanted to know how to be a good lover and I just didn't know where to turn - there was so much misinformation out there. Then coming here and getting this information (about Deliberate Orgasm) and knowing that I am going to be able to apply it, it's a wonderful moment. I will use these principles and I won't forget because this is some big stuff I think, it will help you if you apply it, and it's very simple."

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here Satisfy A Woman - Myths and Truth About Sex - Full Transcript.


Episode 14 - Deliberate Orgasm: A Friendly Thing to DO

David has included DOing (Deliberate Orgasm www.welcomed.com) as an intimate component of his relationship with his wife for over 12 years. He reveals goals for their relationship which include putting attention on what she wants sensually and producing a superior orgasm in her body. He describes what he likes most about DOing and how it has changed his relationship and sex life both in and out of the bedroom. He discusses challenges he has had incorporating it into his sex life and what keeps him DOing after more than 20 years.

Here are some excerpts...

Specifically, how has DOing added to your sex life?   Well I would say DOing has added to my sex life by sort of broadening it, by making it more intimate, by making the communication between my wife and I that much better. Because of that we have more fun, and because of that we have more sex. I think it also means that it is something that can go on forever. I think that sometimes people have a sense that the sexually active years will be this and this and then after that it will stop, but I don’t see any limit to my sex life with DOing. I think it can keep getting better, which is a fun prospect.

Where do you think most women prioritize their sensual pleasure?  I think most women would prioritize their sensual pleasure as number one, but I think that in reality it often goes down the list because they become disappointed - this isn’t the way I thought it would be or this isn’t what I want. So then I think women are inclined to subjugate what they want because of societal norms. I think it is the guy's responsibility to make sure that the women knows that her sensual goals are important and that he is there to make sure that those goals are met.

What had you reintroduce DOing into your relationship?  Because we made a conscious decision to get our relationship back on track and to first and foremost renew our friendship and DOing is a very friendly thing to do.

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here Deliberate Orgasm - A Friendly Thing to DO - Full Transcript.


Episode 13 - Fireworks and Female Orgasm - Sandy’s Retreat Experience

Sandy, 45, has lived with her partner for over 4 years. Wanting to put fun and life back into her relationship, she came to a Sensuality Retreat www.welcomed.com seeking winning information about her sensuality and female orgasm. Listen to Sandy's retreat experience as she describes exactly what she was looking for, how she perceived her orgasm to be, the life changing discoveries she made and why she is so enthusiastic about going back home to the man she loves.

Here are some excerpts...

What was your concept of orgasm before coming to the retreat?  My concept of orgasm before coming to the retreat was that I didn't have them. I wasn't capable of having them. What I have had isn't validated. I don't have them like other women, it's supposed to be like fireworks!

Do you discuss orgasm with your friends?  I do, I express my concerns about my orgasms, I share with people that I feel like I don't have the same type of experience... and the response that I get from most women is "Oh, it's incredible, it's unbelievable, it's like nothing you've ever experienced before." I'll be like, okay, so what does THAT look like? And I don't really get an answer.

What were you looking for when you found the Welcomed Consensus?  Answers, to what a female orgasm looks like. Also, what a female orgasm feels like. To accept my own body and my own sexuality and sensuality. To be open to being a sensual woman, and being responsible for that as opposed to being in constant denial of "I am a sexual being and I have sexual needs."

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here Fireworks and Female Orgasm - Sandy's Retreat Experience.


Episode 12 - On the Same Page Pleasurably Part 2

What would it be like to have the mystery taken out of sex and have it be a gratifying experience every time? How do you add deliberate into sex without loosing the spontaneity?

In Episode 11 you heard from Rachel, a student of the Welcomed Consensus, about her experiences adding Deliberate Orgasm to her sex life and being on the same page pleasurably with her partner. Part 2 continues with more from Rachel. She talks about how she first felt about having a deliberate orgasm and being deliberate, the possibilities and physical changes she has noticed in her body since witnessing a one hour orgasm demonstration and more.

Here are some excerpts...

Rachel: The communication does help. In the first place, when most people are just messing around with each other but not really even asking or telling anything that they are feeling because they’re worried that they might say the wrong thing. Initially there was a feeling that I don’t want it to sound rehearsed and I don’t want it to sound fake. After a couple really intense sessions with Vlad of using the training cycle especially, it started to make more sense and it started to click that this is something that actually works really well.


Rachel: I’m finding out a lot more about my own body and what feels great. When you can describe to your partner exactly what it is that you want - when I am able to do that it feels like this huge relief that I don’t have to always wonder or worry about the mystery that is my sex life. It is not really a mystery any more, although I’m learning all of these new things all the time, what’s really happened is that the level of possibility for my own body has changed.


Rachel: When my body is feeling, reacting in this way, especially when Vlad actually tells me what it is he sees, the different colorations ... When I hear that from him and when I know that is what is happening, it’s this gratifying experience because I know how much I like it. Especially with women, there is a lot of complex stuff going on, between mind/body and "I’m not sure if I want it but I want it" situations. But for me, when I turn the mind nozzle a little bit down and I just turn it off... and when I allow my body to feel it - then it does give me those signs that it’s responding.

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here On the Same Page Pleasurably Part 2 - Full Transcript.


Episode 11 - On the Same Page Pleasurably

Have you ever felt like you wanted more out of life?  Have you ever fantasized about having a sex life where you could simply ask for what you want?  

In Episode 10 you heard from Vladimir regarding his experiences in learning about women through Deliberate Orgasm. Today you will hear from his DOing partner Rachael who agreed to be interviewed on her experiences Deliberate Orgasm and being on the same page pleasurably with her partner.

The interview was conducted in a question answer format, and she did not know the questions in advance.  She only knew that the topic would be Deliberate Orgasm, and documented as part of the ongoing sensual research of the Welcomed Consensus.

Rachel describes what she has experienced in her orgasm since incorporating Deliberate Orgasm into her sex life and how it has changed her approach to sex. She shares intimate details from her experiences of the many ways in which her orgasm has expanded. Feeling free from worrying about reciprocating, she talks about what it is like to feel sexually gratified by the fun and pleasure she gets from DOing. She candidly discusses what it feels like in her body to have a man put his attention on her and her pleasure.

Here are some excerpts:

Francoise: How did you hear about the Welcomed Consensus?

Rachel: I first heard about it from my DOing partner Vladimir and he sort of subtly introduced it and he showed me your website and so he gave me just a couple details about his experience when he had gone.

Francoise: What was happening in your life that you wanted more? I came from a pretty conservative background where sex was just out of the question, really any sort of teenage perspective, it was abstinence education, we signed a paper, "I promise not to have sex until marriage" and that’s it… there had been friends that I had had that I was just completely like sexually frustrated with and it got to a point where I was just swearing off sex completely, there’s just nothing out there that could possibly solve my problems, and then when I met Vlad, there were some things that we had talked about that made more sense.

Rachel: One of them was his sort of outlook on the fact that it’s the quid pro quo situation in sex and that he basically told me that he was going to put all of his attention on me and not want anything in return at all and that was new. I mean that was completely new and he was also really eager to do that. It wasn’t something that he felt, “Well this is something I’m going to do and then later on down the line I’m going to want something from you”. It was just, that was what he wanted and that was everything that he wanted. I could feel that I and I knew when he told me that was enough. So, when that happened, I allowed more of that feeling to sink in like, “Okay, this is this acceptable. This is something that I really like.” It’s pretty much completely changed the way that I approach sex.

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here On the Same Page Pleasurably Part 1 - Full Transcript.


Episode 10 - Learning about Female Orgasm through DOing

Today you’ll hear excerpts from an interview with Vladimir, a student of the Welcomed Consensus, who agreed to be interviewed on his experiences regarding Deliberate Orgasm. This interview was conducted in a question and answer format, and he did not know the questions in advance.  He only knew that the topic would be about Deliberate Orgasm, and documented as part of the ongoing sensual research of the Welcomed Consensus welcomed.com

He agreed to allow parts of the interview to be published in this podcast in the interest of informing people who are new to these ideas. He will be describing what drew him to learning about Deliberate Orgasm and how it has affected his life and his relationships with women.

Here are some excerpts:

Sheri: What was happening in your life that had you seek for more information?

Vladimir: Ever since I was young, I had been seeking for more information and it was a pretty constant thread that had been running through my life. Various books that you can find that are pretty common out there, and just thinking about stuff. I always had fun with the women in my life and so I was like how can we have more of that? I always got off on getting women off, and wanted to know more about that. So that was just a constant thread that when I heard that you could have a one hour orgasm, I wanted to find out more about that.

vlad-pleasureSheri: What were your first impressions when you were learning about Deliberate Orgasm

Vladimir: Well, my first impressions when I learned about Deliberate Orgasm, I am going to answer as if from the class, cause that was really where, I saw the videos and I kind of tried them, but really, my experience changed when I came to the Common Sensuality class and saw the OIC for the first time. Then it just expanded, what I thought it was going to be. I had been looking for a kind of better way to get a woman off, or another way to get a woman off kind of just another tool or technique, and saw that it was just so much more after the OIC.

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here Learning about Female Orgasm through DOing - Full Transcript.


Episode 9 - Experiencing the Optimum Amount of Sensation During Sensual Experiences

This is Part 2 of Chrystal Bougon's interview with two instructors, Rachael and Francoise, from the Welcomed Consensus in a live interview on Better Sex Radio, titled "You've Have Heard of the G-spot, Now You Will Learn About the Thunkspot". Listen in as they discuss some things about the female anatomy and nerves of the clitoris you may not know, what a female orgasm feels like, how to experience the optimum amount of sensation during any sensual experience, and more.

Here are some excerpts:

Francoise: ...the fun part about it is that with Deliberate Orgasm and using the manual stimulation of the clitoris, the glans have the 8000 pressure sensitive nerve endings. So through stimulating the clitoris and having both people having their attention on the person receiving the pleasure then it is so fun for a woman to feel where that sensation can expand in her body. Most people don’t even know that the clitoris engorges and that it engorges not only in outside, but inside of the body.

Chrystal: Oh yeah, we have lots and lots of blood flow to the pelvic region not just to the clitoris.

Francoise: The beauty of it that both people can relax, they know that with that many pressure sensitive nerve endings, the orgasm is going to get created and they just focus their attention of what is happening in the moment, the present moment, and feel, and women often discover new sensation, they discover slowing how intricate their clitoris is and how easy it actually is to have an orgasm once they can have this kind of relaxation.

One of the main things about orgasm is that to this day there is still a lot of focus on the kind of orgasm Master’s and Johnson described in 1966 in which the orgasm is oriented around the release of the sexual tension. In Deliberate Orgasm, that is not the goal. The goal is basically the pleasure you are experiencing in the moment, and doing so you can experience quite and array of sensual pleasure and sensation that otherwise you might not even have paid attention to.

The complete transcript for Episode 9 can be viewed at welcomed.com http://www.welcomed.com/podcasts/WCFO_009_details.html


Episode 8 - Creating Female Orgasm, Every Time and Anytime

Chrystal Bougon speaks with two instructors of the Welcomed Consensus in a live interview on Better Sex Radio titled " How to Have a 1 Minute Orgasm, a 3 Minute Orgasm and a 1 Hour Orgasm" Listen to Chrystal as she finds out more details about what makes Deliberate Orgasm deliberate, how "date" night will never be the same, and how anyone can reliably create orgasm in a woman's body, every time and anytime.

Here are some excerpts:

Chrystal_pic200.jpg   Chrystal: Every time and anytime, now that is very intriguing because we know there is lots of woman out there that have issues with having orgasm on a regular basis. Have some dysfunction around it, or just can’t focus enough to have one. So how to we get to this point where we get one every time? How do we get reliable like that?Francoise: The clitoris having the highest concentration of nerve endings and when both people have their attention who is

receiving the pleasure and the woman herself can keep her attention on her body, she can relax, she doesn’t have to think and wonder, am I going to have to return anything, am I going to have to do anything. So she can focus on her own body, she can relax.

Chrystal: So part of it really is just saying “Look, I’m taking this time, this hour and I am just committing myself to this wholly and it is my turn to receive pleasure. That’s a big one, That’s a hard thing for women to do.

Francoise: It really is a fun thing to do. Because from there, by focusing her attention on her genitals, on her clitoris, on the point of contact of the finger on her clitoris, she can start discovering things about her own body. Communicating with her partner and having fun and building from there. We believe that every orgasm is built one stroke at a time.

The complete transcript for Episode 8 can be viewed at welcomed.com http://www.welcomed.com/podcasts/WCFO_008_details.html


Episode 7 - Deliberate Orgasm: Creating Pleasurable Relationships Part 2

Today you will hear Part 2 of our excerpts from an interview with David and Becca, who have enjoyed Deliberate Orgasm as part of their sex life for over 10 years. This interview was conducted in a question answer format.  They did not know the questions in advance. They only knew that the topic would be about Deliberate Orgasm, and documented as part of the ongoing sensual research of the Welcomed Consensus www.welcomed.com.

They agreed to allow parts of the interview to be published in this podcast in the interest of informing people who are new to these ideas. They will be describing how Deliberate Orgasm had affected their lives from the first time they heard about it until now.

Here are some excerpts:

Terry: Do you communicate during DO Dates, and what do you communicate about?

Becca: Yes, we communicate during DO dates.  Mainly about what we’re feeling and experiencing together, and it can be sometimes we’ll notice that we’re experiencing something the same, like I’ll say “Wow, that feels like there is waves,” and he’ll say “you know, I felt something like that too.”  Or he’ll say it feels like a jelly fish, and I’ll say I know exactly what you’re talking about.  And sometimes it’s one of those things, where he’ll say I know it sounds strange to say a jellyfish, and I’ll say I know what you mean because it feels like it’s glomming on, there’s waves, and it’s fun to you know come up with the words for the new experiences that we’re having.  So mainly that’s what we talk about, though there are times when I’ll have a random thought that comes by, okay, I just have to tell you I left the turkey in the oven and I started to worry about that – and he’ll say okay, now I know what that was, or he’ll ask me like you know, it feels like you’re thinking about something, and so I can tell him, or he’ll say what he notices and I’ll say what I notice too, with both of our attention on the one person’s body.

David: She said a lot there, and it really is, comes down to what I notice, and what I’m going to be willing to say.   There are times when there are just so many changes going on and so many sensations coming up, you know, this stroke, I feel these waves coming up my arms.  And when I say that, she gives me reality about it.  She’s in agreement with that, and it’s like okay good, I can feel that, it gives me reality.  And it also gives us the next place to step off from, you know the next date.  Then there are times when I notice she may have a random thought like she said and go away – and I’ll say did you go away, and she’ll say yes and come back.  It just comes down to individual strokes and what we’re feeling in the present moment.  And stay really present with her – it’s really fun, yeah, absolutely.

 The complete transcript for Episode 7 can be viewed at welcomed.com http://www.welcomed.com/podcasts/WCFO_007_details.html