Episode 9 - Experiencing the Optimum Amount of Sensation During Sensual Experiences

This is Part 2 of Chrystal Bougon's interview with two instructors, Rachael and Francoise, from the Welcomed Consensus in a live interview on Better Sex Radio, titled "You've Have Heard of the G-spot, Now You Will Learn About the Thunkspot". Listen in as they discuss some things about the female anatomy and nerves of the clitoris you may not know, what a female orgasm feels like, how to experience the optimum amount of sensation during any sensual experience, and more.

Here are some excerpts:

Francoise: ...the fun part about it is that with Deliberate Orgasm and using the manual stimulation of the clitoris, the glans have the 8000 pressure sensitive nerve endings. So through stimulating the clitoris and having both people having their attention on the person receiving the pleasure then it is so fun for a woman to feel where that sensation can expand in her body. Most people don’t even know that the clitoris engorges and that it engorges not only in outside, but inside of the body.

Chrystal: Oh yeah, we have lots and lots of blood flow to the pelvic region not just to the clitoris.

Francoise: The beauty of it that both people can relax, they know that with that many pressure sensitive nerve endings, the orgasm is going to get created and they just focus their attention of what is happening in the moment, the present moment, and feel, and women often discover new sensation, they discover slowing how intricate their clitoris is and how easy it actually is to have an orgasm once they can have this kind of relaxation.

One of the main things about orgasm is that to this day there is still a lot of focus on the kind of orgasm Master’s and Johnson described in 1966 in which the orgasm is oriented around the release of the sexual tension. In Deliberate Orgasm, that is not the goal. The goal is basically the pleasure you are experiencing in the moment, and doing so you can experience quite and array of sensual pleasure and sensation that otherwise you might not even have paid attention to.

The complete transcript for Episode 9 can be viewed at welcomed.com http://www.welcomed.com/podcasts/WCFO_009_details.html

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