Episode 7 - Deliberate Orgasm: Creating Pleasurable Relationships Part 2

Today you will hear Part 2 of our excerpts from an interview with David and Becca, who have enjoyed Deliberate Orgasm as part of their sex life for over 10 years. This interview was conducted in a question answer format.  They did not know the questions in advance. They only knew that the topic would be about Deliberate Orgasm, and documented as part of the ongoing sensual research of the Welcomed Consensus www.welcomed.com.

They agreed to allow parts of the interview to be published in this podcast in the interest of informing people who are new to these ideas. They will be describing how Deliberate Orgasm had affected their lives from the first time they heard about it until now.

Here are some excerpts:

Terry: Do you communicate during DO Dates, and what do you communicate about?

Becca: Yes, we communicate during DO dates.  Mainly about what we’re feeling and experiencing together, and it can be sometimes we’ll notice that we’re experiencing something the same, like I’ll say “Wow, that feels like there is waves,” and he’ll say “you know, I felt something like that too.”  Or he’ll say it feels like a jelly fish, and I’ll say I know exactly what you’re talking about.  And sometimes it’s one of those things, where he’ll say I know it sounds strange to say a jellyfish, and I’ll say I know what you mean because it feels like it’s glomming on, there’s waves, and it’s fun to you know come up with the words for the new experiences that we’re having.  So mainly that’s what we talk about, though there are times when I’ll have a random thought that comes by, okay, I just have to tell you I left the turkey in the oven and I started to worry about that – and he’ll say okay, now I know what that was, or he’ll ask me like you know, it feels like you’re thinking about something, and so I can tell him, or he’ll say what he notices and I’ll say what I notice too, with both of our attention on the one person’s body.

David: She said a lot there, and it really is, comes down to what I notice, and what I’m going to be willing to say.   There are times when there are just so many changes going on and so many sensations coming up, you know, this stroke, I feel these waves coming up my arms.  And when I say that, she gives me reality about it.  She’s in agreement with that, and it’s like okay good, I can feel that, it gives me reality.  And it also gives us the next place to step off from, you know the next date.  Then there are times when I notice she may have a random thought like she said and go away – and I’ll say did you go away, and she’ll say yes and come back.  It just comes down to individual strokes and what we’re feeling in the present moment.  And stay really present with her – it’s really fun, yeah, absolutely.

 The complete transcript for Episode 7 can be viewed at welcomed.com http://www.welcomed.com/podcasts/WCFO_007_details.html

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