Episode 23 - Pleasure as a Priority in Daily Life

(www.welcomed.com) What does it take to live with pleasure as a priority? In this episode listen to Mary, a successful business owner and mother, who decided to have it all with pleasure at the center of her life. She discovers an expanded definition of female orgasm and the role it plays in living a life that is sensually driven rather than stress driven.

Here are some excerpts...

I was ready to commit to making pleasure the center of my life.  I made a lot of changes in my life in the last 6 months.  I decided to do work that I loved so that I could live a life in harmony with my family and with my passion and with my purpose in life. That created an opening for me to go further with that intention. 

The retreat was more than information, but a window to a possibility that I never really understood was available. This course was so grounded in genuine connection between people that I didn't miss not checking my phone every 30 seconds. I didn't miss some of the usual vices that occupy my time and I was able to slow down, to be connected to the sensual experience of pleasure.

I think learning about tumescence has helped me to get clearer about how to meet the goal of creating more of the orgasmic, sensual experience in my life. Recognizing that that need has been so big. It’s been huge and now I have tools to live a life that is sensually driven versus stress driven. 

For instance, one of the goals was about enjoying home life as a mother with my kids and thinking a lot about dinner time. Back to this kitchen narrative -  I got a chance to see and experience a way of sharing a meal and the narrative of that meal coming together in a very different and fun way versus a stressful way. That’s also beautiful and very pleasurable. So that was one goal that I had that I feel especially empowered around. 

Before this weekend, my experience with orgasm had everything to do with a conclusion. Now, the way that I am thinking about orgasm is not this really big balloon pop but a building, a layering of experience that doesn't have to look a certain way, doesn't have to sound a certain way, doesn't have to produce a certain amount of material. 

I was a part of a very privileged experience first and foremost because there’s no other place where we see a woman have pleasure. It’s so pornographic often, that we just don’t know what’s going on and we make a lot of assumptions about what’s going on. I got a lot of validation.  I got that there were things about my body that I didn't want a lover to see, I didn't feel comfortable about and then to see her pleasure manifesting itself in the way it was demonstrated was tremendously validating. I saw myself in her.

Pleasure as a Priority in Daily Life - Full Transcript

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