Episode 22 - Fun, More Pleasure and Menopause: Expanding Sensuality

(www.welcomed.com) The conversation turns toward expanding sensuality as fun, more pleasure and menopause is explored further.  In this episode, a continuation of the last one, we present talk radio show host Rebekah Beneteau and her guest Yvonne Wray, a researcher from the Welcomed Consensus and Menopause Flashes:Turning Up The Heat blogger, both experienced in pleasurable menopause.

Some excerpts...

Yvonne: "In a hot flash one of the things that I experience is this intense rush of heat coming from my inner core of my body and in seconds I can break out into sweats and my heart is rushing and I feel like these fluttery feelings. It’s like Whoooooo!"

Yvonne:  "And that’s another way that I have it be fun for other people.  I’m not trying to pretend like I don’t have a hot flash.  I’m not trying to pretend that nothing’s happening.  Why not turn on?  That’s how I make it fun for other people, I turn on when it’s happening.  And I approve.  I’m in agreement.  Approval, other people feel it.  Other people feel me approve of the hot flash, of myself, of being a woman and you know that’s a rare thing. Somebody who approves of being in menopause, being middle-aged, having things happen that are out of control, so to speak.  It’s a really powerful way to live life."

Rebekah:  "For me it really becomes a spiritual discipline and a practice.  I feel  like when I give into my negativity and my anger it’s easy, it’s cheap excitement and  it’s lazy.  And it takes a little bit of work to get into agreement with how it is.  To find something to approve of and yes, to go for making every moment fun and pleasurable for myself and the people around me.  No matter what’s going on."

Yvonne: " Yes, It does take something from an individual to do that. You said that well. I think the payoff is huge.  It’s really huge when you do make that choice for fun and pleasure."

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