Episode 21 - Fun, More Pleasure and Menopause: A Paradox?

(www.welcomed.com) Fun, more pleasure and menopause? Can these experiences go together? In this episode and the next, we present talk radio show host Rebekah Beneteau and her guest Yvonne Wray, a researcher from the Welcomed Consensus. These two women have a lively conversation exploring this paradoxical theme.

Yvonne Wray

Some excerpts...

Rebekah: I love the idea that it’s not just limited to the bedroom, how you said, it filters out through your whole life. So what was the connection? How did you go from the sensual research then incorporate menopause into that?

Rebekah Beneteau Talk Radio HostYvonne: I began to notice the signs of menopause in my body, which I didn't actually recognize at first as being menopause. But as I started noticing these changes that I thought were kind of weird, I was able to notice them pretty quickly because I was used to paying attention to my body. I was used to paying attention to my monthly cycles. I was used to noticing the changes in my sexuality and my response and my desires, all of those things.

Rebekah: What were some of the things going in that you suddenly found yourself forced to examine all over or anew?

Yvonne: Just that I was really uninformed about menopause. I really thought some of the things I’m sure commonly all women think. For example, you do lose your sex hormones, you lose your desire.  That you're aging and therefore, you're going to be less valuable, less sexual, less -- you are just going to be less. Then all the terrible stories that you hear about how hard it is for women to go through menopause.  I could not put pleasure and menopause in the same sentence except to say that menopause is not pleasurable. I had a big clash of beliefs that erupted into my life when I realized -- Hey Yvonne, you're going into menopause here.

Fun, More Pleasure and Menopause: A Paradox? - Full Transcript

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