Episode 19 - Sex and Happiness Interview by Laurie Handlers

(www.welcomed.com) Laurie Handlers, well known author and Tantra teacher, interviews Welcomed Consensus researchers Sheri and Rebecca on her talk radio show Sex and Happiness. They discuss and share in great detail about how they conceived of capturing an up-close and personal look into Rebecca's private masturbation practice based on Deliberate Orgasm and why such a practice is necessary for today's women.

Sex and Happiness Interview by Laurie HandlersLaurie Handlers: Today my show is about really my favorite topic - orgasm. Orgasm is really the thing that I feel runs the world. I don't know if all of you agree with me on that...

Rebecca: It was about a year that I was thinking about making a female masturbation DVD, considering what I wanted to express. It is my personal journey of sensuality. I do expose myself and it is very personal, but I felt it was the only way that people would feel it. Only if I really was having the experience of DOing myself, using Deliberate Orgasm to produce this kind of orgasm in my body. I really had a great orgasm that day. Boy it was a fun time...A person who watches it can feel what I am feeling.

Laurie Handlers: The Dalai Lama said something about women bringing the world into peace and harmony, doesn't this self pleasuring relate to happy and fulfilled women? Like women who are happy with their bodies and happy in their orgasm, this would make a huge difference.

Rebecca: Absolutely, it is not only about self pleasure, but with Deliberate Orgasm I have a deep connection with my partner.It is gratifying deeply in your soul, they know you, they're producing that kind of pleasure for you, it is a profound experience. It is not out of happenstance. That is what is so fun. It is available any time to anyone who wants to know these techniques and ideas that produce that kind of orgasm in your life.

Sex and Happiness Interview by Laurie Handlers - Full Transcript

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