Episode 18 - Celebrate May, National Masturbation Month

(www.welcomed.com) May is National Masturbation Month and this episode features Rebecca, a sensual reseracher who recently made a candid and unique female masturbation video entitled A Guide to Your Orgasm. Listen as she takes us through how deliberately exploring self-pleasure affected many areas of her life.

National Masturbation Month

Here are some excerpts...

Rebecca: All of the things that I do to be deliberate about being a sensual person and taking care of my body are the same things that I do in other areas of my life to have my life be good and to have it feel good to other people. When I feel good, other people feel good about me. When I’m turned on by myself, other people are turned on by me and that’s fun.

Sometimes I like very light touches, that’s just the way I feel and sometimes I want heavier touches and it’s fun to feel the way it changes it’s not always the same. It’s fun because there are so many things to experience and there are so many things to feel from a different place each day or each moment in time. When I’m touching myself it’s sensual research, it’s finding out what I like right now, something that I want to feel now. So it is always different.

Celebrate May, National Masturbation Month with Rebecca - Full Transcript.

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