Episode 17 - Making A Guide to Your Orgasm DVD, Interview by Veronica Monet of The Shame Free Zone

(www.welcomed.com) Veronica Monet, ACS Certified Sexologist and Sex Educator, interviews sensual researchers Sheri and Rebecca from Welcomed.com on her Live Talk Radio Show The Shame Free Zone discovering what went on in the making of the explicit DVD A Guide to Your Orgasm.

Veronica Monet Host of The Shame Free Zone Talk Radio Show

Here are some excerpts...

Veronica: Why is orgasm even important to study?

Sheri: People don't tell the truth about how much they are interested in orgasm. People do make jokes about it. They are still thinking about it. We are all sensual-sexual beings and orgasm is part of our nature. And if you asked anyone - 'If you could have a better orgasm, or a gratifying orgasm and that was available to you would you like that?' I think everybody would say Yes, they would. And it is available for anyone and everyone. It is really just about having training, having information, being educated. Because as you well know Veronica, we are lacking in sexual education in this country, in many other countries and world wide.

Veronica: What's it like to appear in the explicit video A Guide to Your Orgasm, is there any part of it that is just fun to be in front of the camera?

Rebecca: Yes. I thought about it for a long time before I ever got to the camera. The person I'm thinking of reaching is that person out there who could have their life get better the way that mine did. There was a woman that I thought about when I was making the video, and I thought of the things that she could learn to expand her life and her orgasm and make it that much better. This video was so much fun to make. I thought about all the things that made my life better out of Deliberate Orgasm and masturbating with the technique. When I got on that camera I had so much energy in my body, it was intense from the very beginning. It was a great orgasm.

The making of A Guide to Your Orgasm DVD, an Interview with Veronica Monet host of The Shame Free Zone - Full Transcript.

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