Episode 15 - Satisfy A Woman: Myths and Truth About Sex

Myths and Truth About Sex"It's a life changing experience to know how to please a woman." In this episode, you will hear from Charles in an interview that took place after he attended a 3-day Sensuality Retreat with The Welcomed Consensus. www.welcomed.com

Dissatisfied with his ability to satisfy a woman, Charles describes his search to find out more information and a better way to pleasure his partner. By experiencing the course and witnessing the live demonstration of the one-hour orgasm, he is given a more expansive view of what a woman’s orgasm can be and new ways of experiencing sensuality. His new awareness about satisfying a woman is described as the lights coming on. The transformation of Charles' doubt and mystery to feelings of fun and expansiveness is a highly educational and relatable story.

Here are some excerpts...

Charles: "I think that I have probably already said it, I'll say it again. It's a life changing experience to know how to please a woman."

"I'd always wanted to know more about sex, but my quest really began when I met this certain woman that I thought was the cat's meow. She was, I thought, the perfect female for me. But there was one little twist, and the little twist was that I couldn't satisfy her sexually. Then the quest intensified."

"So I started going to different things. There's a lot of snake oil salesmen out there. A lot - and I bought a lot of their products, because I really wanted to know and there's no place to turn for this type of stuff... I think back to 5 or 10 years ago, I would've thought that it was the size of your genitalia that was the most important. And a lot of guys think that. I think some women even think that. So it was puzzling to me. I wanted to know how to be a good lover and I just didn't know where to turn - there was so much misinformation out there. Then coming here and getting this information (about Deliberate Orgasm) and knowing that I am going to be able to apply it, it's a wonderful moment. I will use these principles and I won't forget because this is some big stuff I think, it will help you if you apply it, and it's very simple."

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here Satisfy A Woman - Myths and Truth About Sex - Full Transcript.

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