Episode 13 - Fireworks and Female Orgasm - Sandy’s Retreat Experience

Sandy, 45, has lived with her partner for over 4 years. Wanting to put fun and life back into her relationship, she came to a Sensuality Retreat www.welcomed.com seeking winning information about her sensuality and female orgasm. Listen to Sandy's retreat experience as she describes exactly what she was looking for, how she perceived her orgasm to be, the life changing discoveries she made and why she is so enthusiastic about going back home to the man she loves.

Here are some excerpts...

What was your concept of orgasm before coming to the retreat?  My concept of orgasm before coming to the retreat was that I didn't have them. I wasn't capable of having them. What I have had isn't validated. I don't have them like other women, it's supposed to be like fireworks!

Do you discuss orgasm with your friends?  I do, I express my concerns about my orgasms, I share with people that I feel like I don't have the same type of experience... and the response that I get from most women is "Oh, it's incredible, it's unbelievable, it's like nothing you've ever experienced before." I'll be like, okay, so what does THAT look like? And I don't really get an answer.

What were you looking for when you found the Welcomed Consensus?  Answers, to what a female orgasm looks like. Also, what a female orgasm feels like. To accept my own body and my own sexuality and sensuality. To be open to being a sensual woman, and being responsible for that as opposed to being in constant denial of "I am a sexual being and I have sexual needs."

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here Fireworks and Female Orgasm - Sandy's Retreat Experience.

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  • Sandy Komula

    I love the podcast and hope others that have similar feelings and questions about orgams are encouraged to attend a retreat. When I first heard the podcast it was like being back in OR and experiencing the joy and sensuality right now. The retreat was an amazing experience and I am greatful for all of you and appreciating your sharing yourselves and knowledge about DO and snensuality and how you live your life with such passion. This is a place we can all have. When I get stuck in my old thoughts and behaviors it is easy to listen to the podcast and remember this is who I am and how I want my life to be.

    Thank you!!!


    Feb 19, 2011 at 4:19 pm