Episode 12 - On the Same Page Pleasurably Part 2

What would it be like to have the mystery taken out of sex and have it be a gratifying experience every time? How do you add deliberate into sex without loosing the spontaneity?

In Episode 11 you heard from Rachel, a student of the Welcomed Consensus, about her experiences adding Deliberate Orgasm to her sex life and being on the same page pleasurably with her partner. Part 2 continues with more from Rachel. She talks about how she first felt about having a deliberate orgasm and being deliberate, the possibilities and physical changes she has noticed in her body since witnessing a one hour orgasm demonstration and more.

Here are some excerpts...

Rachel: The communication does help. In the first place, when most people are just messing around with each other but not really even asking or telling anything that they are feeling because they’re worried that they might say the wrong thing. Initially there was a feeling that I don’t want it to sound rehearsed and I don’t want it to sound fake. After a couple really intense sessions with Vlad of using the training cycle especially, it started to make more sense and it started to click that this is something that actually works really well.


Rachel: I’m finding out a lot more about my own body and what feels great. When you can describe to your partner exactly what it is that you want - when I am able to do that it feels like this huge relief that I don’t have to always wonder or worry about the mystery that is my sex life. It is not really a mystery any more, although I’m learning all of these new things all the time, what’s really happened is that the level of possibility for my own body has changed.


Rachel: When my body is feeling, reacting in this way, especially when Vlad actually tells me what it is he sees, the different colorations ... When I hear that from him and when I know that is what is happening, it’s this gratifying experience because I know how much I like it. Especially with women, there is a lot of complex stuff going on, between mind/body and "I’m not sure if I want it but I want it" situations. But for me, when I turn the mind nozzle a little bit down and I just turn it off... and when I allow my body to feel it - then it does give me those signs that it’s responding.

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here On the Same Page Pleasurably Part 2 - Full Transcript.

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