Episode 11 - On the Same Page Pleasurably

Have you ever felt like you wanted more out of life?  Have you ever fantasized about having a sex life where you could simply ask for what you want?  

In Episode 10 you heard from Vladimir regarding his experiences in learning about women through Deliberate Orgasm. Today you will hear from his DOing partner Rachael who agreed to be interviewed on her experiences Deliberate Orgasm and being on the same page pleasurably with her partner.

The interview was conducted in a question answer format, and she did not know the questions in advance.  She only knew that the topic would be Deliberate Orgasm, and documented as part of the ongoing sensual research of the Welcomed Consensus.

Rachel describes what she has experienced in her orgasm since incorporating Deliberate Orgasm into her sex life and how it has changed her approach to sex. She shares intimate details from her experiences of the many ways in which her orgasm has expanded. Feeling free from worrying about reciprocating, she talks about what it is like to feel sexually gratified by the fun and pleasure she gets from DOing. She candidly discusses what it feels like in her body to have a man put his attention on her and her pleasure.

Here are some excerpts:

Francoise: How did you hear about the Welcomed Consensus?

Rachel: I first heard about it from my DOing partner Vladimir and he sort of subtly introduced it and he showed me your website and so he gave me just a couple details about his experience when he had gone.

Francoise: What was happening in your life that you wanted more? I came from a pretty conservative background where sex was just out of the question, really any sort of teenage perspective, it was abstinence education, we signed a paper, "I promise not to have sex until marriage" and that’s it… there had been friends that I had had that I was just completely like sexually frustrated with and it got to a point where I was just swearing off sex completely, there’s just nothing out there that could possibly solve my problems, and then when I met Vlad, there were some things that we had talked about that made more sense.

Rachel: One of them was his sort of outlook on the fact that it’s the quid pro quo situation in sex and that he basically told me that he was going to put all of his attention on me and not want anything in return at all and that was new. I mean that was completely new and he was also really eager to do that. It wasn’t something that he felt, “Well this is something I’m going to do and then later on down the line I’m going to want something from you”. It was just, that was what he wanted and that was everything that he wanted. I could feel that I and I knew when he told me that was enough. So, when that happened, I allowed more of that feeling to sink in like, “Okay, this is this acceptable. This is something that I really like.” It’s pretty much completely changed the way that I approach sex.

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here On the Same Page Pleasurably Part 1 - Full Transcript.

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