Episode 10 - Learning about Female Orgasm through DOing

Today you’ll hear excerpts from an interview with Vladimir, a student of the Welcomed Consensus, who agreed to be interviewed on his experiences regarding Deliberate Orgasm. This interview was conducted in a question and answer format, and he did not know the questions in advance.  He only knew that the topic would be about Deliberate Orgasm, and documented as part of the ongoing sensual research of the Welcomed Consensus welcomed.com

He agreed to allow parts of the interview to be published in this podcast in the interest of informing people who are new to these ideas. He will be describing what drew him to learning about Deliberate Orgasm and how it has affected his life and his relationships with women.

Here are some excerpts:

Sheri: What was happening in your life that had you seek for more information?

Vladimir: Ever since I was young, I had been seeking for more information and it was a pretty constant thread that had been running through my life. Various books that you can find that are pretty common out there, and just thinking about stuff. I always had fun with the women in my life and so I was like how can we have more of that? I always got off on getting women off, and wanted to know more about that. So that was just a constant thread that when I heard that you could have a one hour orgasm, I wanted to find out more about that.

vlad-pleasureSheri: What were your first impressions when you were learning about Deliberate Orgasm

Vladimir: Well, my first impressions when I learned about Deliberate Orgasm, I am going to answer as if from the class, cause that was really where, I saw the videos and I kind of tried them, but really, my experience changed when I came to the Common Sensuality class and saw the OIC for the first time. Then it just expanded, what I thought it was going to be. I had been looking for a kind of better way to get a woman off, or another way to get a woman off kind of just another tool or technique, and saw that it was just so much more after the OIC.

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here Learning about Female Orgasm through DOing - Full Transcript.

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