The Welcomed Consensus is an internationally known center of education for sensuality. They offer videos, courses, and retreats on communication and relationships with an emphasis on female orgasm, pleasurable living, and friendship between men and women.

When looking at historical accounts of the misconceptions about female orgasm, the Welcomed Consensus was formed to present new views and models of female orgasm and pleasure that everyone can win by and that expand into increased pleasure and success in their relationships and in all areas of life.

The Welcomed Consensus are leading researchers in the field of female orgasm. They have advanced the frontier of what was thought possible to experience in female orgasm. Their course “The Observation of Intense Coming” is a live clinical demonstration of findings from over 100 collective years of research: through manual stimulation of the clitoris, a female instructor from The Welcomed Consensus is brought to full orgasm and maintained there for one hour.

Their educational female orgasm videos are the first and only educational videos available that have detailed demonstrations of the technique of Deliberate Orgasm or DOing. They have taught thousands of people to expand their sensual life.