Episode 3 - One Hour Orgasm: An Educational Demonstration

Terry Goffinet talks with the Welcomed Consensus (www.welcomed.com) about their one hour orgasm demonstration course. Why do they do it? What is it, really? What can you learn from it? And how can you see a demonstration of a woman experiencing a one hour orgasm yourself? Sensuality instructors, Sheri and Wendy, answer these questions and more.

Sheri Testerman and Wendy Testerman are both instructors of the Welcomed Consensus, internationally known sensuality educators. They are most famous for teaching the Deliberate Orgasm or DOing, a technique for producing continuous orgasm. Discover how Deliberate Orgasm led to Sheri and Wendy's desire for teaching and researching female orgasm and how it relates to their one hour orgasm demonstration.

Here are some excerpts:

okeeffe2a.jpg   Terry: I was first curious to find out, what inspired you to offer a course called Observation of Intense Coming?Sheri: ...I was first introduced to the Deliberate Orgasm technique almost 25 years ago. I had a fun, a very fun, sex life beforehand, but when I first got DOne, and I experienced this particular kind of orgasm in my body, you know the deliberateness, having the kind of attention that RJ put on me, and the orgasm he created in my body, it really it blew my mind.

And I know Wendy felt the same way when she had her first DO date, and we had DOing become an integral part of our daily life. I was experiencing sensations in my body that I never knew was possible. Also through DOing, our level of communication and intimacy went way up.

We had this new discovery of female orgasm, and we began researching it and became more and more curious about what is possible here. And then at one point it just spilled over to our desire to want to teach, to share with other people the experiences we were having, and share the beauty and the potential of female orgasm.

The complete transcript for Episode 3 can be viewed at welcomed.com http://www.welcomed.com/podcasts/WCFO_003_details.html

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