Episode 24 - Tantra Expert Experiences Orgasm as a Glimpse of Enlightenment

(www.welcomed.com) In this episode internationally recognized Tantra Expert and radio talk show host, Devi Ward, describes her recent experience of a whole body and mind expansion.This showed her ways of approaching sexuality and her body that she hadn’t conceived of before that she believes anyone can learn.

devi-ward-tantra-expert.jpgHere are some excerpts...

Devi: How I believe I can integrate the technique of Deliberate Orgasm – to answer that is more than just the physical technique. It’s the ideology. It’s encompassing our full sensory experience. 

The style of Tantra that I teach is very yogic. I was a monk – we are sitting there meditating and we are doing this thing – so there is not a lot of instruction about being super-sensual and hanging red drapes, etc. We’ve incorporated that to a degree, but I knew I wanted to learn more because it hasn’t been my focus. My focus has been on this yoga. 

So that is part of it, part of the understanding on how to more fully inhabit, embrace, experience, delight in my sensory experience.

I’ve never experienced another woman’s orgasm like that for a prolonged period of time. From my lineage of instruction, every orgasm is a glimpse of enlightenment.That’s one of the yogic things we learn in Tibetan Tantra. So I am having this experience of this woman being in the throws of enlightened consciousness and that is affecting and impacting the entire room. That is so powerful.

The entire transcript for this episode is available at the Welcomed Consensus website www.welcomed.com/podcasts/

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