Episode 16 - Intimacy in Marriage: How One Couple Stays Connected

(www.welcomed.com) Couples in long term relationships often bump up against life's obstacles that can break down feelings of intimacy and pleasure between partners. Talking openly about their experiences of feeling close and fighting, learning about orgasm from each other, handling menopause and rediscovering fun in their sex life, Michelle and David tell what they notice about staying connected in their marriage.

Here are some excerpts...

David: Being in a place with both the approval and physiologically the endorphin release, makes the world a brighter place.You know you don’t need rose colored glasses if you have rose colored orgasm ... For me the great thing about DOing is the fact that whether I'm DOing Michelle or I am being DOne, the goal is to have us both have our attention on the one person's pleasure, the person that is being DOne’s pleasure. It’s the most intimate of all sex acts or relationship acts. When we are both on the same wave-length, as it were, it feels really good mentally and physically.

Michelle: Orgasm effects my life outside the bedroom in a very positive way. Having been DOne, having orgasm has me feel connected, solid, clear-headed, in a place of surplus where I can give to others. It affects my work, the people that I come into contact with, how I can best assist them in a grateful and graceful way, to helping our son, and having fun. It opens up a whole new realm of possibility when you come from a place of being gratified.

One of the things that I wanted out of this weekend was to be closer and to have better communication with David and that has been attained partly, well mostly in our DOing. I feel really connected to him and it’s a great way to start or end the day or just to connect with one another.

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here Intimacy in Marriage: How One Couple Stays Connected - Full Transcript.

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