Episode 14 - Deliberate Orgasm: A Friendly Thing to DO

David has included DOing (Deliberate Orgasm www.welcomed.com) as an intimate component of his relationship with his wife for over 12 years. He reveals goals for their relationship which include putting attention on what she wants sensually and producing a superior orgasm in her body. He describes what he likes most about DOing and how it has changed his relationship and sex life both in and out of the bedroom. He discusses challenges he has had incorporating it into his sex life and what keeps him DOing after more than 20 years.

Here are some excerpts...

Specifically, how has DOing added to your sex life?   Well I would say DOing has added to my sex life by sort of broadening it, by making it more intimate, by making the communication between my wife and I that much better. Because of that we have more fun, and because of that we have more sex. I think it also means that it is something that can go on forever. I think that sometimes people have a sense that the sexually active years will be this and this and then after that it will stop, but I don’t see any limit to my sex life with DOing. I think it can keep getting better, which is a fun prospect.

Where do you think most women prioritize their sensual pleasure?  I think most women would prioritize their sensual pleasure as number one, but I think that in reality it often goes down the list because they become disappointed - this isn’t the way I thought it would be or this isn’t what I want. So then I think women are inclined to subjugate what they want because of societal norms. I think it is the guy's responsibility to make sure that the women knows that her sensual goals are important and that he is there to make sure that those goals are met.

What had you reintroduce DOing into your relationship?  Because we made a conscious decision to get our relationship back on track and to first and foremost renew our friendship and DOing is a very friendly thing to do.

The entire transcript is available at the Welcomed Consensus website here Deliberate Orgasm - A Friendly Thing to DO - Full Transcript.

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